“People, come to your senses”!

”The essence of greatness is the ability to choose personal fulfillment in circumstances where others choose madness” – Victor  Frankl

People, come to your senses”! Acrylic on canvas 70×50 cm. Painting and words: Roland Ekström

Dear people, all of us animals in the world can’t remain silent anymore and we have something very important to tell you.

During the past years we have noticed an evolution that is not good for any of us on the planet. Nature, which has always offered everything we need, has long suffered from reckless human destruction. Burning forests that disappear to build plantations of all kinds. Our food and protection decrease extremely quickly and your hunting for animal souvenirs is an increasing threat to the extinction of our friends. Your interest in traps and poisonous substances causes us a painful mortality. The temperature of the planet is growing uncontrolled and our seas are under unsustainable stress.

We are not a threat to you but you are an extreme threat for us and now we are very worried about your mental health. Unfortunately we can see that you are not only a danger to us and nature but also to yourself. Despite two catastrophic world wars, where millions of people were killed, not to mention animals and plants, your leaders are ready to risk a third world war as well. But are you aware of what you are doing? Can’t you realize that you’re only a small part of the creation on this planet? In fact, you are no more worth than any of us.

We hear that you are more intelligent than animals, but your human intellect is a deception and creates your slavery for the abnormal desire for power and wealth.

We are available to teach you how to live in harmony with nature. It’s a natural thing for us and it’s not difficult. But first you have to abandon all your predominance and bullying needs. Investigate your thoughts and listen to your heart.

We are all dependent on each other. Nature survives well without you but you can’t survive long without nature. Together we can help us keep our planet habitable and prosperous for everyone.

Thanks for your attention

foto Pixabay

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